Q: I have a vehicle with some accessories already fitted. Can we re use these?

A: The simple answer is yes. Providing the the accessories you have fitted to your vehicle meet the quality of the build. We build quality high end vehicles and will not fit inferiour products under our name.

Q: I want to build a vehicle but live interstate?

A: We have built quite a few vehicles for interstate clients. I does depend on the state in general and the rules in place to how we approach this.

Q: How long does a build take?

A: It depends on the build chosen but normally between 2 to 4 months.

Q: If I want to build my can now, how long does it take before we can get started?

A: The smaller builds Rain and Snow can normally be fitted in between the larger builds. The larger builds like the Wind and Fire have to be booked in advance as they take up a huge amount of time and space. All builds have to be booked in and a deposit paid. The lead time depends on many factors but can be 8-10 months out for the large builds.

 Q: Can I have input in what accessories I have fitted to my build.

A: Yes you can input into the overall build. We have platforms in place that we need to stay with for legal engineering requirements. If you have something in mind you can ask and we will discuss the outcome. If it does not hinder the legality of the build than we will have no problem.