Payments and Pricing


Unfortunately as many of our products originate from the UK and USA and are quite expensive, the prices may alter from the quoted amount due to exchange rates, freight, special requests and purchase price alterations. It is not that we want to increase the pricing we offer but as we actually work on a minimal margin on most imported products it is not possible to absorb within our pricing structure. 

Pricing can only be finalized on delivery of the items in question.



Once the finer details of the build has been hashed out and accepted by both parties and a build amount settled. A build time line will also be discussed to out line the build time line and the payment schedule. 

A booking deposit is required to allocate the correct amount of time to build your Storm Series vehicle.


The booking deposit is non refundable.

On the dates arranged periodical payments are to be paid as follows......


Booking Deposit 10%

Initial Arrival payment 10%

Midway Payment 40%

Three quarter 20%

Collection Payment 20%


During the builds, the client is welcome to visit to inspect the progress of the build. We welcome this as we understand the excitement to overlook the progress of your customized Storm Series build.





Our warranty is subject to our Terms and Conditions.

All Strom series vehicles are covered by a full 12 month 24,000Km warranty on works carried out.

The vehicle itself, the donor vehicle, is not covered by any form of warranty outside of any repairs carried out. 

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