Why Choose Storm Series



As vehicles of all makes are released off the factory floor year after year, one thing is becomingvery clear. Every model looks better and has more whiz bang options but they all miss the most important vehicle attribute at the end of the day, reliability, strength and all round performance.

A perfect example of this is the 2002 onwards Defenders. The real work horse of the Land Rover brand, which used to have the strongest of all Land Rover diffs available. The Salisbury.   Instead to save weight, money etc they now install the weakest diff Land Rover has manufactured for any Range Rover, Discovery or Defender.

So what can you go out and buy new these days. Nothing in the Land Rover range can do the harder core high country off-roading and to my liking they are all to technologically advanced to take to the remote outback where a simple component failure like a brake switch can deem the vehicle wounded. And the more you look, the worse it is getting. The current Nissan Patrol is weaker than the earlier ones, the 200 series Toyota is worse than the 100 series. Everything is now about power and economy.

Lets look in the modified world and the best modified vehicle out there would have to be the Bowler series. They make some pretty impressive units which are great if you want to race one in the Paris Dacar. With only 2 seats, a race style interior try to takes the kids on a weekend away.

So this is where it all started.

We have been modifying Land Rovers for over 30 years for clients world wide. Each project has a personal touch but the majority of all builds, the back bone was roughly the same. So we have put together 6 exciting models that can be altered by adding a selection of extras. See Additional Enhancements in your desired section for more information.

We have put together a selection of transformed Land Rovers, which honestly can do literally anything. Going shopping, city driving, outback touring, general weekends away all in comfort,  knowing you have the best driveline and accessories to suit your individual needs. These cars are not just chucked together, but are refined from our vast Land Rover knowledge and knowhow.

These vehicles are great value for money, Starting at just over $35,000 to a top of the range fully equipped 550Hp Fire Storm for around $115,000. Not to forget the powerful and economical Diesel Dust Storm.

We have put together the best of the best , from a variety of Land Rovers and non Land Rover components to create a vehicle with real prowess. Elegance with attitude! The do anything vehicle without compromise.